Artemide Introduces New Lights

empatia appoggio

Lighting specialists Artemide announce their participation in this autumn’s London Design Festival where they will introduce their most recently launched and developed products. [Read more…]

Any Home Can Be A Smart Home

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

At the heart of a home automation system is the essential wiring that links up all the features that the householder requires.¬†These features range from an intruder alarm system integrated with lighting control plus control of heating, air conditioning and appliances, curtains, blinds, audio and video – all working together in an intelligent way.¬†Once the appropriate wiring is installed, however, householders can choose to start modestly with, say, a basic home security system and add to it in stages to suit their needs and budgets. [Read more…]

The Art Of Layering In Interior Lighting

Wall Lighting Schemes

Wall Lighting Schemes

An Edinburgh based directional lighting design studio helps you set the right mood in any home interior with visually compelling and full of symbolism statement wall luminaires. [Read more…]

The Glamour Of Gold – New Carolinian Lanterns

The glamour of gold is timeless, and the new Carolinian Lanterns, hand-painted in luxurious French Gold, prove to be no exception. Shimmering like a valuable jewel, they are designed to create an impressive and welcoming aura to an entrance, and are destined to be the heirlooms of tomorrow. [Read more…]